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😰 wins the award for API that's the hardest to actually get a valid session out of.

Fixing Safari iCloud syncing

I've been having an intermittent issue with Safari failing to sync any data via iCloud that you would normally expect — history, tabs, bookmarks and the landing page were all behaving independently despite iCloud syncing being enabled.

Migrating to Fastmail

So you want to migrate over to Fastmail for your email — here's how you can go about doing so as seamlessly as possible.

Apple Music: a tale of woe

Last week my Apple Music collection, in as far as I can tell, become corrupted or otherwise unmanageable. This isn't the first issue I've had with the service nor is it the most severe — I gave Apple Music a try right after it launched, remnants of Beats Music and all.

A brief intro to git

As a developer, a version control system is a critical part of your toolkit, no matter the size of the project or team you may find yourself working on.

Digital privacy tools

The New York Times:

Everything you do online — from browsing to shopping to using social networks — is tracked, typically as behavioral or advertising data. But browser extensions are simple, generally free add-ons that you can use to slow down or break this type of data collection, without completely ruining your experience of using the internet.

This is a helpful, albeit basic, guide to online privacy tools.

2021 reading list

I've been working on making reading a habit again for the past few years (my streak in books is currently 383 days).