Lazy select-based pagination in Eleventy

I've relaunched, rebuilt and rewritten my personal blog more times than I can count, and I've had a trail of posts I've never fully migrated at each turn. This weekend, while relaxing and watching movies I ported them into Eleventy and, in doing so, found that the pagination implementation I was using didn't scale well with the number of pages I added.

.env files in Eleventy


dotenv-flow extends dotenv adding the ability to have multiple .env* files like .env.development, .env.test and .env.production, also allowing defined variables to be overwritten individually in the appropriate .env*.local file.

The Eleventy docs recommend the dotenv package for working with .env files[^1], but I've found dotenv-flow to be a bit more useful inasmuch as support for .env* file patterns make development more convenient.

Automating RSS syndication and sharing with Next.js and GitHub

I wrote a basic syndication tool in Next.js to automate sharing items from configured RSS feeds to Mastodon. This tool works by leveraging a few basic configurations, the Mastodon API and a (reasonably) lightweight script that creates a JSON cache when initialized and posts new items on an hourly basis.

Building a now page using Next.js and social APIs

With my personal site now sitting at Vercel and written in Next.js I decided to rework my now page by leveraging a variety of social APIs. I kicked things off by looking through various platforms I use regularly and tracking down those that provide either API access or RSS feeds. For those with APIs I wrote code to access my data via said APIs, for those with feeds only I've leveraged @extractus/feed-extractor to transform them to JSON responses.