Now page update: favorite articles from Matter

I dropped in a quick update to my now page to display the 5 most recent articles from my favorites feed in Matter.

To do this I'm borrowing from Federico Viticci's method of obtaining a key for their api and using it to make a GET request to their favorites_feed endpoint:

const EleventyFetch = require('@11ty/eleventy-fetch')

module.exports = async function () {
  const headers = { Authorization: `Bearer ${MATTER_TOKEN}` }
  const url = ``
  const res = EleventyFetch(url, {
    duration: '1h',
    type: 'json',
    fetchOptions: { headers },
  const feed = await res
  const articles = feed.feed.splice(0, 5)
  return articles

By following Federico's steps we can obtain a bearer token to access the API which will return an array of our favorited articles. This endpoint is paginated (e.g. passing ?page=1, but I'm retrieving the full response, reversing the order and rendering the output to achieve the displayed result:

{% if articles %}
    <h2 class="m-0 text-xl font-black leading-tight tracking-normal dark:text-gray-200 md:text-2xl mt-6 mb-4">
      Reading: favorite articles
      <ul class="list-inside list-disc pl-5 md:pl-10">
        {% for article in articles | reverse %}
          <li class="mt-1.5 mb-2">
            <a href="{{article.content.url}}" title="{{article.content.title | escape}}">
              {{ article.content.title | escape }}
        {% endfor %}
  {% endif %}

You can see the result rendered here.


  • Federico Viticci :ticciseal:
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