Road to madness: charting Apple Music listening data

I've written before about displaying my listening data from Apple Music but, recently, I've attempted to take things a bit further.

Displaying listening data from Apple Music using MusicKit.js

Up until now my now page has sourced music data from (and may well again). But, in the interest in experimenting a bit, I've tried my hand at rewriting that part of the page to leverage data from Apple Music, using MusicKit.js instead.

From ICS to JSON: surfacing anticipated albums

I use MusicHarbor by Marcos Tanaka to track upcoming albums from my favorite artists (typically by syncing my data with the app.) When I see something new that I want to add to my collection I throw it on a calendar creatively titled Albums.

Now page update: favorite articles from Matter

I dropped in a quick update to my now page to display the 5 most recent articles from my favorites feed in Matter.

Scheduled Eleventy builds on Vercel with cron-triggered GitHub actions

In an effort to get away from client-side Javascript and embrace Eleventy for what it is (a static site generator), I've dropped my social-utils instance offline and my now-playing track display on my home page that still relied on it.

Building my /now page using Eleventy

As part of my commitment to writing about things I've written in other frameworks in Eleventy, this is how I re-engineered my /now page in Eleventy.

Webmentions in Eleventy

In the interest of continuing to repeat myself I'm writing, once again, about adding webmentions to a blog.

Building a now page using Next.js and social APIs

With my personal site now sitting at Vercel and written in Next.js I decided to rework my now page by leveraging a variety of social APIs. I kicked things off by looking through various platforms I use regularly and tracking down those that provide either API access or RSS feeds. For those with APIs I wrote code to access my data via said APIs, for those with feeds only I've leveraged @extractus/feed-extractor to transform them to JSON responses.

Adding client side webmentions to my Next.js blog

The latest iteration of my website is built on Next.js, specifically Timothy Lin's wonderful Tailwind/Next.js starter blog..

Adding client-side rendered webmentions to my blog

My blog is currently hosted on which allows for a simple and configurable weblog managed in git with posts formatted in markdown. I wanted to add webmentions to my blog which, as of now, doesn't include a build step. To accomplish this, I've added an intermediary api endpoint to the same Next.js app that powers my /now page.

Simple data fetching with custom React hooks and SWR

My site was scaffolded out using Timothy Lin's tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog project (which I highly recommend checking out). As part of the build out I wanted to display the books I'm currently reading and the song I most recently listened to, data available from oku and, respectively.