Road to madness: charting Apple Music listening data

I've written before about displaying my listening data from Apple Music but, recently, I've attempted to take things a bit further.

Displaying listening data from Apple Music using MusicKit.js

Up until now my now page has sourced music data from (and may well again). But, in the interest in experimenting a bit, I've tried my hand at rewriting that part of the page to leverage data from Apple Music, using MusicKit.js instead.

A Safari-specific guide to making the modern web suck less

Take a second, turn off all of your browser extensions, go to a popular website that comes to mind and take a look at how bad the default experience is. Bonus points — pull up the dev tools, go to the network tab, filter for JavaScript and see how many analytics suites load.

Apple-centric digital privacy tools

A rundown of privacy tools that work well with Apple's technology ecosystem.

Fixing Safari iCloud syncing

I've been having an intermittent issue with Safari failing to sync any data via iCloud that you would normally expect — history, tabs, bookmarks and the landing page were all behaving independently despite iCloud syncing being enabled.

Apple Messages: a tale of woe OR how to fix sync, a crash loop and accept data loss

Apple's Messages app recently started crashing in a loop on my Mac Mini — it would happen every time the app was opened after a 5-10 second delay. Deleting conversations from other devices and letting that change sync over didn't appear to help.

Apple Music: a tale of woe

Last week my Apple Music collection, in as far as I can tell, become corrupted or otherwise unmanageable. This isn't the first issue I've had with the service nor is it the most severe — I gave Apple Music a try right after it launched, remnants of Beats Music and all.