A Safari-specific guide to making the modern web suck less

Take a second, turn off all of your browser extensions, go to a popular website that comes to mind and take a look at how bad the default experience is. Bonus points — pull up the dev tools, go to the network tab, filter for JavaScript and see how many analytics suites load.

Apple-centric digital privacy tools

A rundown of privacy tools that work well with Apple's technology ecosystem.

Fixing Safari iCloud syncing

I've been having an intermittent issue with Safari failing to sync any data via iCloud that you would normally expect — history, tabs, bookmarks and the landing page were all behaving independently despite iCloud syncing being enabled.

Generating Jekyll posts using Drafts and Working Copy

I put together a script that will take a draft, grab the title and body and then prompt you for front matter data before sending the completed post off to Working Copy. It's specific to my site, and purposes, but it should be fairly straightforward and easy to adapt to your needs.

Automating package tracking on iOS

I try to do as much shopping as I can online and a lot of the shopping I end up doing is through Amazon. This means I end up with quite a few order and shipping confirmation emails in my inbox.

Sarahah uploads your contacts without permission

Yael Grauer, writing for The Intercept:

Sarahah bills itself as a way to "receive honest feedback" from friends and employees. But the app is collecting more than feedback messages. When launched for the first time, it immediately harvests and uploads all phone numbers and email addresses in your address book.

Unobstruct for iOS

I had been using the 1Blocker extension to hide floating share bars but this content blocker makes the whole process dramatically easier.

Castro v2.3 released

The most exciting part is that Castro now uses custom notifications to allow episode triage without opening the app.

Castro is easily one of the best podcast apps on iOS, and it just keeps getting better.

Changes coming to Droplr

Droplr began as an idea between two geeks who wanted an easy way to share files with each other. So we set aside some weekends and evenings and built an app that could do just that. Over the last few years what began as a simple free Mac App, has grown into a great company dedicated to creating the best possible way to share files.

The story behind Drafts

A nice, brief interview with Greg Pierce, the developer of Drafts.

Publishing to Kirby using Drafts workflows

I have recently begun publishing content to my Kirby powered site using workflows from the endlessly-customizable Drafts.