A Safari-specific guide to making the modern web suck less

Take a second, turn off all of your browser extensions, go to a popular website that comes to mind and take a look at how bad the default experience is. Bonus points — pull up the dev tools, go to the network tab, filter for JavaScript and see how many analytics suites load.

Apple-centric digital privacy tools

A rundown of privacy tools that work well with Apple's technology ecosystem.

Fixing Safari iCloud syncing

I've been having an intermittent issue with Safari failing to sync any data via iCloud that you would normally expect — history, tabs, bookmarks and the landing page were all behaving independently despite iCloud syncing being enabled.

Update OS X from the command line

If you don't want to bother dealing with the Mac App Store you can check for any recent updates for OS X from the command:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

Syncing OSX app preferences and dot files

I've started using a command line tool called mackup to back up and sync many of my dot files and application settings on OS X.

Photo management with Dropbox and Hazel

I recently abandoned iPhoto as a means of storing, organizing and managing photos on OSX and deactivated the associated iCloud Photo Sharing feature running from iOS in to iPhoto via iCloud.