Building a now page using Next.js and social APIs

With my personal site now sitting at Vercel and written in Next.js I decided to rework my now page by leveraging a variety of social APIs. I kicked things off by looking through various platforms I use regularly and tracking down those that provide either API access or RSS feeds. For those with APIs I wrote code to access my data via said APIs, for those with feeds only I've leveraged @extractus/feed-extractor to transform them to JSON responses.

Adding client side webmentions to my Next.js blog

The latest iteration of my website is built on Next.js, specifically Timothy Lin's wonderful Tailwind/Next.js starter blog..

Simple data fetching with custom React hooks and SWR

My site was scaffolded out using Timothy Lin's tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog project (which I highly recommend checking out). As part of the build out I wanted to display the books I'm currently reading and the song I most recently listened to, data available from oku and, respectively.