We lost the thread

We've arrived at a point where we can say that our attempts to port relationships and social interactions to the internet has been an unambiguous failure.

Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech

Mike Masnick:

After a decade or so of the general sentiment being in favor of the internet and social media as a way to enable more speech and improve the marketplace of ideas, in the last few years the view has shifted dramatically—now it seems that almost no one is happy.

Russia tries to force social media giants to relocate servers to Russia

Ars Technica:

The Russian government agency responsible for censorship on the Internet has accused Facebook and Twitter of failing to comply with a law requiring all servers that store personal data to be located in Russia.

Time to exit the market.

Facebook isn't sorry — it only wants more data

Charlie Warzel:

We've already given it so much, why stop now? No one else is going to delete Facebook, so why should I? Facebook understands this — the data tells them so. It also tells them that slickly produced videos and contrite congressional testimony are small ways to ameliorate lingering public concern.

But the real truth lies in the company's innovations and ambitions, products like Portal. Facebook doesn't really care. And maybe we don't either.

Delete Facebook.

Time to break up Facebook

The Verge:

... the chilling effect of Facebook and other tech giants buying up every promising startup is noticeable. "I think if we have a tech economy entirely premised on the idea that monopolists may one day buy the underlying thing, it really limits what can happen," says Wu.

Why do we keep using Facebook?

Dylan Tweney:

Facebook offers a terrible bargain: It gives you the connectedness you crave, but it's unfulfilling and leaves you wanting more. It's like drinking Coke, or eating McDonald's, except you don't even have to pay for it. No wonder we guzzle it down, when all the evidence, and even our own eyes and hearts, show us how bad it is for us.