The Silver Gymnasium

This is an extremely creative and well-executed move by Okkervil River to promote their new album, The Silver Gymnasium.

Okkervil River - Stay Young

Another strong track from Okkervil River's upcoming album The Silver Gymnasium. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in October at The Wiltern.

Dawes - Most People

A wonderful new video for one of the highlights of Dawes' most recent album Stories Don't End. I love videos from bands that give an insight in to live shows from both their perspective and that of their fans.

Postal Service - Some Idealistic Future

A well-produced documentary and a great look at a band who, ten years later (and after only one album), still means so much to so many people.

NoMeansNo live via Marinet TVM

One of punk's greatest bands live via Marinet TVM. I still need to see them live and sincerely hope I get the chance to before they hang things up. Superb performance.

Okkervil River - Open Mic Night

Not out of place at all at an open mic night. Excellent.

Maps And Music - Explore Okkervil River's New Album


"The next album from the Austin, Texas band Okkervil River will tell the childhood tale of its lead singer and songwriter Will Sheff, a self-described awkward, nearsighted, asthmatic kid growing up the small town of Meriden, New Hampshire. The music on The Silver Gymnasium, out on September 3, is some of Okkervil River's best ..."

Cannot wait for this.

Skin and Bones - Old Horses

Beautiful, stripped down song from a musician with a strong voice and truly heartfelt delivery. Highly recommended.